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What criminal would attack you if you’ve just sent his photo to the SnapMail website and e-mailed it to yourself?

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Is there a better way to solve a crime than with a SnapMail photo of the criminal at an exact time, date and location?

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Respond to your SnapMail Emergency e-mail within 5 minutes or your friends are told to start looking for you.

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What images are suitable for an ad for a sexual assault prevention phone app like SnapMail?

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It’s a difficult one.  We all know the effect that a powerful image can have on the click through rates of a digital ad, but we also have a responsibility not to cause offence. It’s a mystery to me how a company like Benneton managed to build a brand almost exclusively on the back of

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SnapMail app

SnapMail as a Rape Prevention device

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Here is a link to a good article written by Mary Walker, a partner of ours, describing how SnapMail may be used as a Rape Prevention device: http://snapmail.info/snapmail-as-a-rape-prevention-tool/ It’s well worth a read. Click here to download the SnapMail app.  When you download it to your mobile phone the app takes a photo and sends it

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SnapMail Willie Maughan

SnapMail and the disappearance of Willie Maughan

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A couple made a desperate plea for help minutes before they disappeared.  It is believed that Willie Maughan and his girlfriend Anna Varslavane were in the Gormanston area of Co Meath in Ireland when Anna made an urgent phone call to Willie’s mother at 2.57 pm on Tuesday, 14th April 2015.  The couple asked to

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Thailand Murder

SnapMail would have prevented rape of British teenager and killings of British couple in Thailand

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A young British backpacker was abducted by motorists on her way to the shops at 1.30am on Tuesday 26th of May 2015 after an evening out partying with her friends.  She left the restaurant where she was having dinner on the Nanachart Road in the Kanchanaburi district, 76 miles left of Bangkok, and decided to

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Sisters Facebook

SnapMail would have saved Sisters beaten up by Scumbags they met on Facebook

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Sisters Amy, 21 and Nicole Rice, 19, from Dublin, Ireland suffered an horrendous ordeal at the hands of a couple of Scumbags they had met a few weeks previously on Facebook.  When you read what happened you can see how the SnapMail app could have prevented this happening. They met the two men, aged 25

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Never meet a stranger without SnapMail – here’s why

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Here is a frightening story about a guy who went to meet a stranger who was interested in buying his car.  You can read the full story here but basically a man who went to meet a woman he had contacted online was the victim of a car jacking, according to police in Ireland.  

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