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Here’s Johnny! Not when you have the SnapMail app

One of the most famous movie stills in history is the one where Jack Nicholson sticks his face through the broken door in the 1980 horror movie The Shining and shouts “Here’s Johnny”.

It’s an extremely frightening scene to watch, not to mention what it would be like to experience in real life.

Back in those days unless you had a fixed line phone handy your ability to call for help was limited to the strength of your vocal chords, and given where the house was located even those wouldn’t do you much good.

Today, if you find yourself in a similar situation the chances are you will have your mobile phone nearby.  The first call should obviously be the cops, but if ‘Johnny’ knows that it could take the police 30 minutes to arrive, that may not be much of a deterrent.

But what if Johnny was SnapMailed and realised that committing the perfect murder was actually not going to be all that perfect because his photograph would be sitting in your Inbox, as well as in your SnapMail account, long after Johnny headed for the forest.  Of course he could steal your phone, and of course he could try to delete the e-mail, but not even Johnny could access your SnapMail account, and even if he did, the photos can’t be deleted for 30 days.

Not even Johnny is that mad!

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How SnapMail can eliminate crime in Taxis and Mini-cabs

In most countries there is no protective barrier between a taxi driver and the passengers, with London and New York being the obvious exceptions.  This leaves a taxi driver heavily exposed to an attack from behind.


The SnapMail app can act as a very useful crime preventative tool for taxi drivers to protect themselves by letting every passenger know that their photo has been taken and uploaded to a website.  A simple sign in every cab which says “You’ve been SnapMailed” immediately highlights to any ‘would-be’ attackers that they are caught even before they start.  That is a powerful deterrent for even the most aggressive criminal.


Taxi drivers can avoid the accusation of discrimination by certain elements of the community by getting in to the habit of photographing every passenger who gets in to his or her taxi.  It is a simple one-click process and can easily be done without detection.


In addition to preventing crimes like assault or robbery, the SnapMail app can also act as a great deterrent against passengers doing a runner on paying fares.  Would someone really do a runner for €15 to avoid paying a fare if they knew their photo was sitting in the taxi drivers account on the SnapMail website?


The SnapMail app is free to download and every taxi driver and mini-cab driver should have it on their phone.


SnapMail – it could save your life!

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Child Snatchers – The SnapMail App will make you think twice

It is almost certainly every parent’s worst nightmare.  You turn your back for one minute and your child vanishes.  Although child abduction is not actually very common the nature of the crime is so despicable that it receives an inordinate amount of media coverage, not least because some of the higher profile cases are never solved.

We believe the SnapMail App may be able to play a role in the prevention of child abduction, and may also be able to help achieve a speedy resolution in some cases.

Most kids these days, above the age of 6, know how to use a mobile phone.  If they can use a mobile phone, they can use the SnapMail App on a mobile phone – it’s that simple.

If an abducted child can get access to their mobile phone for as little as 3-4 seconds he or she can take a photo of the abductor with a single click on the SnapMail App.  The photo is then automatically sent to a pre-registered e-mail address and it is also uploaded to the SnapMail website.  An abductor cannot delete a photo from the website.

If an abductor realises that his photo has been captured and sent/saved elsewhere, is he really going to continue the abduction?  Almost certainly not.

Even if the child cannot take a photo of the abductor, if (say) he or she was in the boot of the car, any photo the child takes may provide clues to help resolve the crime.  Moreover, all SnapMail photos contain a geo-location feature so a simple snap automatically records where the child is located (and the time), even if nothing can be garnered from the photos.

The SnapMail App is free and can be used in a whole range of scenarios, other than the one presented here.

Download it today – it could save your life.


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SnapMail could save your kid’s life

SnapMail is a mobile phone app which takes a photo and e-mails the photo with a single click.  In addition to e-mailing the photo, it also uploads it to the SnapMail website.

There are many uses for such an app, but one particular use is the area of child security, something that is more important today than even before.

Let’s consider a particularly nasty situation.  Say a 10 year old kid is snatched by someone against their will and driven off somewhere.  A kid in that situation clearly would not be able to make a phone call with a concealed mobile phone for more than a couple of seconds and he/she would definitely not be able to take a photo, attach it to an e-mail, enter an e-mail address and send the e-mail.

But, there is a good chance the kid would be able to take one photograph.  And if the kid could take one photo and have it automatically e-mailed to a guardian, and automatically uploaded to his/her SnapMail account on the website, that could be the difference between life and death.

If a criminal discovered that his photo had been e-mailed, together with a date and time stamp, as well as the geo-location of where the photo was taken, wouldn’t he be less likely to commit the crime.  And, in a worst case scenario, if he did commit the crime, wouldn’t it at least make it somewhat easier to catch him, bring him to justice and prevent him from repeat offending.

Download the free SnapMail app today on iTunes and Google Play.  It could save your kid’s life.

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How SnapMail can help prevent a Rape

A woman walking home on her own after a night out is vulnerable to an attack and rape.  The SnapMail app has been designed to act as a rape deterrent and hopefully protect the woman.

With current mobile phones the woman could take a photograph of the rapist before he raped her.  But what use is that if he steals her phone?  If she could have e-mailed the photo to someone, such as her friend or even herself, so that even if her phone was taken she would have a photo of the rapist, that would certainly prove a deterrent to the rapist, but there’s no way she would have the time to take a photo and attach it to an e-mail, before typing the e-mail address and hitting the Send button.

This is where the SnapMail App comes in very handy!

With just a single click, the woman takes a photo and e-mails it to herself.  And not only does she e-mail it to herself, the image is also uploaded to her own private account on the SnapMail website.

What would a potential rapist do if he was told “You’ve been SnapMailed.  Your photo has been e-mailed and also saved on the SnapMail website.”