The SnapMail App is a FREE mobile phone app which is available for download on both Android and iOS smartphones.

It is a simple but very effective app which allows users take a photo and instantly upload it to the SnapMail website with a single click.  The photo is also sent by e-mail to the user.

The major advantage of the SnapMail app over a regular camera on a mobile phone is that the user knows that the photo he or she takes will automatically be e-mailed and stored, even if the phone is stolen or lost.  This ‘one click’ features avoids the user having to attach the photo to an e-mail and then send it.  The speed with which a photo can be uploaded and e-mailed is critical.

Users of the SnapMail app can upgrade to ‘SnapMail Emergency’ at any time for a small month fee and this provides them with a major additional feature which notifies 5 friends of the user by e-mail and by text if the user fails to respond to the e-mail they have just sent themselves.

Download SnapMail today – it could save your life!