Any sympathy for a guy who tried to rob an escort at gunpoint?

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Any sympathy for a guy who tried to rob an escort at gunpoint?

The SnapMail app has been designed to protect individuals who find themselves in a wide variety of vulnerable situation.  In almost all of these situations the individual finds themselves alone.  Women who work as prostitutes, or escorts as polite society tends to describe them, are the type of people who frequently find themselves alone in vulnerable situations.

An article from 2012 in the Business Insider magazine claims there are between 40m and 42m prostitutes in the world, 80% of whom are female.  There are over 1m escorts in the US, even though Nevada is the only state in which prostitution is legal.

I read this recent article which typifies the type of vulnerable situations in which female escorts find themselves.  In summary, the man told police that he ‘decided to rob the woman as he had been with her before and he knew she was small’.  He demanded money from her and threatened to rape her in her own home.

Unfortunately for him, she had a firearms licence and spotted what he was carrying was a fake gun.  After a brief tussle she fought him off and he fled.  As the Judge noted “She wasn’t as small as he thought.”

The most remarkable element of this story is that the Judge did not send the guy to jail for this offence, but instead recognised he was a first time offender, with no drink or drug problem, who was looking for money to buy Christmas presents for his family.  It doesn’t excuse the terror he inflicted on this vulnerable woman but he did admit his guilt early on and he appears to have been humiliated by what he did.  I’d have a small amount of sympathy for him but hope the woman is well recovered.

We are never going to stomp out the oldest profession in the world and I’ve no problem with whatever two consenting adults do, as long as no-one is coerced into anything, but I’d like to think this is a perfect example of when the SnapMail app could have been used to both prevent and help solve a crime.

On top of that, the deployment of the SnapMail Emergency ‘call for help’ feature would have been ideal in this situation where the man stayed longer than the 5 minutes before her friends were notified.

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