Beginners Guide

The SnapMail app is a FREE mobile phone app for use on both Apple iOS and Android devices.  The app itself may not be used on iPad tablets or laptap computers, although you can view any photos you take by logging into your account on the SnapMail website.

To begin using the SnapMail app, you can download it from this information website or from the main SnapMail website itself or by searching for ‘SnapMail’ in either the Apple App Store or Google Play.  Just make sure you select the correct SnapMail app – ours is the one with the black font on the strong yellow background!

The basic version of the SnapMail app is free to download so you’ve nothing to lose but it could save your life!

When you have downloaded the app to your mobile phone you simply complete the registration form in the app.  If it takes you longer that 1 minute to register then you are doing something wrong!

Take a Test photo by clicking the big yellow ‘Take SnapMail Photo’ button in the middle of the screen.  That button is so big you could see it from space!

With this one click you take a photo and upload to your account on the SnapMail website.  To view the photo just login in the SnapMail website using the e-mail address and password you used when you registered on the app.  Once logged in to the website you can view the Photo you have just taken.  You can delete any photo from your account after 30 days, but, for your protection, no photo may be deleted before 30 days.

The basic SnapMail App is free but you should also check out SnapMail Emergency, the premium version of the SnapMail app, for which you would pay a small monthly fee.  SnapMail Emergency has all of the benefits and features of the basic SnapMail App, but it has an additional feature which automatically sends your friends an SOS e-mail and text if you fail to respond to the e-mail you receive when you take a photo.  This is a powerful feature because it also tells your friends exactly where you took the last photo by using the geo-location features on your phone.

To upgrade to SnapMail Emergency simply sign up for a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month plan which you can find while you are logged in to your SnapMail app.