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“I’ll tell your mother you are a hooker”, by Matt Dunford

Remember when you were about 6 years of age and you stabbed your kid brother with a pencil or you nicked your best friends pocket money.  Were there any words that put the fear of God in you more than “I’ll tell your mother.”  This was back in the day, of course, when kids actually had a bit of respect for their parents.

Even as 6 year olds, we knew it was a pretty low threat to make to someone, and it was even lower again to follow through on it.

What, then, would you make of a 30 year old threatening to tell an ex-girlfriends mother and sister that she was a hooker?  For the record, the lady in question was not a hooker, but that was a mere detail for the creep behind this.

Step forward Matt Dunford and take a bow.  The brave Matt, from a nice part of London, was ditched by the very attractive Amanda Branco, a fitness instructor from Brazil, and rather than take it like a man, he decided to embark on an ungentlemanly harassment and stalking campaign.  By the way, Matt is also known as ‘Britain’s Vainest Man’, although he was clearly punching above his weight with Amanda.

Matt’s stalking and harassment was not limited to bombarding her with calls, texts and e-mails.  Oh no, the brave Matt went as low as it is possible for a man to go and he designed a website pretending to claim that Amanda was a hooker.  He then sent the website to Amanda’s mother and sister in Brazil, after she failed to pay him £5,000 blackmail money.  Classy, eh?

Thankfully, unlike many other cases of stalking and harassment, this one has a happy ending as Dunford was found guilty at Hammersmith Magistrates Court in February and will be sentenced shortly.

Make sure to keep the free SnapMail app handy if you’re a victim of stalking.  You never know when you might need it.