Child Snatchers – The SnapMail App will make you think twice

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Child Snatchers – The SnapMail App will make you think twice

It is almost certainly every parent’s worst nightmare.  You turn your back for one minute and your child vanishes.  Although child abduction is not actually very common the nature of the crime is so despicable that it receives an inordinate amount of media coverage, not least because some of the higher profile cases are never solved.

We believe the SnapMail App may be able to play a role in the prevention of child abduction, and may also be able to help achieve a speedy resolution in some cases.

Most kids these days, above the age of 6, know how to use a mobile phone.  If they can use a mobile phone, they can use the SnapMail App on a mobile phone – it’s that simple.

If an abducted child can get access to their mobile phone for as little as 3-4 seconds he or she can take a photo of the abductor with a single click on the SnapMail App.  The photo is then automatically sent to a pre-registered e-mail address and it is also uploaded to the SnapMail website.  An abductor cannot delete a photo from the website.

If an abductor realises that his photo has been captured and sent/saved elsewhere, is he really going to continue the abduction?  Almost certainly not.

Even if the child cannot take a photo of the abductor, if (say) he or she was in the boot of the car, any photo the child takes may provide clues to help resolve the crime.  Moreover, all SnapMail photos contain a geo-location feature so a simple snap automatically records where the child is located (and the time), even if nothing can be garnered from the photos.

The SnapMail App is free and can be used in a whole range of scenarios, other than the one presented here.

Download it today – it could save your life.


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