How SnapMail can eliminate crime in Taxis and Mini-cabs

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How SnapMail can eliminate crime in Taxis and Mini-cabs

In most countries there is no protective barrier between a taxi driver and the passengers, with London and New York being the obvious exceptions.  This leaves a taxi driver heavily exposed to an attack from behind.


The SnapMail app can act as a very useful crime preventative tool for taxi drivers to protect themselves by letting every passenger know that their photo has been taken and uploaded to a website.  A simple sign in every cab which says “You’ve been SnapMailed” immediately highlights to any ‘would-be’ attackers that they are caught even before they start.  That is a powerful deterrent for even the most aggressive criminal.


Taxi drivers can avoid the accusation of discrimination by certain elements of the community by getting in to the habit of photographing every passenger who gets in to his or her taxi.  It is a simple one-click process and can easily be done without detection.


In addition to preventing crimes like assault or robbery, the SnapMail app can also act as a great deterrent against passengers doing a runner on paying fares.  Would someone really do a runner for €15 to avoid paying a fare if they knew their photo was sitting in the taxi drivers account on the SnapMail website?


The SnapMail app is free to download and every taxi driver and mini-cab driver should have it on their phone.


SnapMail – it could save your life!

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