How SnapMail can help prevent a Rape

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How SnapMail can help prevent a Rape

A woman walking home on her own after a night out is vulnerable to an attack and rape.  The SnapMail app has been designed to act as a rape deterrent and hopefully protect the woman.

With current mobile phones the woman could take a photograph of the rapist before he raped her.  But what use is that if he steals her phone?  If she could have e-mailed the photo to someone, such as her friend or even herself, so that even if her phone was taken she would have a photo of the rapist, that would certainly prove a deterrent to the rapist, but there’s no way she would have the time to take a photo and attach it to an e-mail, before typing the e-mail address and hitting the Send button.

This is where the SnapMail App comes in very handy!

With just a single click, the woman takes a photo and e-mails it to herself.  And not only does she e-mail it to herself, the image is also uploaded to her own private account on the SnapMail website.

What would a potential rapist do if he was told “You’ve been SnapMailed.  Your photo has been e-mailed and also saved on the SnapMail website.”

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