SnapMail as a Rape Prevention device

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SnapMail as a Rape Prevention device

Here is a link to a good article written by Mary Walker, a partner of ours, describing how SnapMail may be used as a Rape Prevention device:

It’s well worth a read.

Click here to download the SnapMail app.  When you download it to your mobile phone the app takes a photo and sends it to you by e-mail and uploads it to the SnapMail website with a single click.  In many cases, a potential attacker will not follow through with a crime when he realises that his photo has been captured and saved, regardless of whether he steals or damages the mobile phone that took the photograph.

Click here to learn about SnapMail Emergency, the premium version of the app.  When you take a photo using the premium version of the app you receive an e-mail with a link to this photo.  You have 5 minutes to click this link.  If you don’t click this link within 5 minutes SnapMail sends an SOS text and SOS e-mail to 5 of your Friends or Family.

All SnapMail photos are time stamped and date stamped and they also contain a GPS location.  This is powerful evidence in the event that a crime is committed.

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