SnapMail could save your kid’s life

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SnapMail could save your kid’s life

SnapMail is a mobile phone app which takes a photo and e-mails the photo with a single click.  In addition to e-mailing the photo, it also uploads it to the SnapMail website.

There are many uses for such an app, but one particular use is the area of child security, something that is more important today than even before.

Let’s consider a particularly nasty situation.  Say a 10 year old kid is snatched by someone against their will and driven off somewhere.  A kid in that situation clearly would not be able to make a phone call with a concealed mobile phone for more than a couple of seconds and he/she would definitely not be able to take a photo, attach it to an e-mail, enter an e-mail address and send the e-mail.

But, there is a good chance the kid would be able to take one photograph.  And if the kid could take one photo and have it automatically e-mailed to a guardian, and automatically uploaded to his/her SnapMail account on the website, that could be the difference between life and death.

If a criminal discovered that his photo had been e-mailed, together with a date and time stamp, as well as the geo-location of where the photo was taken, wouldn’t he be less likely to commit the crime.  And, in a worst case scenario, if he did commit the crime, wouldn’t it at least make it somewhat easier to catch him, bring him to justice and prevent him from repeat offending.

Download the free SnapMail app today on iTunes and Google Play.  It could save your kid’s life.

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