SnapMail and the disappearance of Willie Maughan

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SnapMail and the disappearance of Willie Maughan

A couple made a desperate plea for help minutes before they disappeared.  It is believed that Willie Maughan and his girlfriend Anna Varslavane were in the Gormanston area of Co Meath in Ireland when Anna made an urgent phone call to Willie’s mother at 2.57 pm on Tuesday, 14th April 2015.  The couple asked to be picked up.  When family members arrived at the designated meeting place ten minutes later, Willie and Anna were nowhere to be seen.

Willie’s brother, who had answered the call, said he had heard Anna crying for help and clearly distinguished the sound of choking in the background.  Other voices were also audible.  The phone then went dead.

Willie (34) and Anna (21) have not been seen since.

Willie’s father, Joseph Maughan, told the Irish Independent that he believes they were murdered because his son “knew too much” about a gang murder last year.  Gardaí have received reliable intelligence that the couple were murdered by up to five members of a drug gang.  The gang leader is a settled Traveller and prime suspect for another murder.

The gang may have attacked the couple when they realised they were about to leave Gormanston but may not have intended to kill them.  A source close to the gang has claimed that the leader’s elderly mother helped to restrain Anna Varslavane while her son and his cronies attacked William.

Sources claimed that the young woman was beaten over the head with a hammer while she tried to phone for help.

The Maughan family have received information which may help gardaí locate the bodies.

Last week, RTÉ’s ‘CrimeCall’ programme re-enacted the last known movements of the couple and showed CCTV footage of them together.  Joseph Maughan said: “We know that they are both gone and just want them brought back so that we can give them a Christian funeral.”

If the couple had downloaded the SnapMail app on their phones, they would have been able within seconds to take pictures of the criminals at the moment of abduction and send them to their personal SnapMail website accounts.  They would have been able to convince their attackers to release them for fear of being identified on the SnapMail website.

Even if their phones were seized by the criminals the pictures would still have been stored in their personal accounts, to be retrieved by the police later on.

The SnapMail app is FREE to download on your Android or iOS smartphone.  A paid version, called SnapMail Emergency, will also send an SOS text and e-mail to 5 of your Friends when you are in difficulty.

It could save your life.

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