“SnapMail or a Samurai Sword? Take your pick!”

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“SnapMail or a Samurai Sword? Take your pick!”

If you’re lying in bed at night with your wife and 4 burglars, armed with pistols, break into your house, what are the various ways in which you can protect yourself?

Obviously, you can call the Police, but the burglars could have fled long before the Police arrive and the burglars may even have treated you and your wife to some lead from the self same pistols.

You could also take a few SnapMail photos using the awesome SnapMail app.  At least you have photographic evidence of the intruders, all placed at the scene of the crime at a specific time.  Many rational burglars would realise that the game was up once they’d been SnapMailed, but then who says burglars are rational?

But an Argentinian man has come up with something even better than SnapMail.  Yes, I know that’s hard to believe, but this is very clever ……… wait for it ………….. Take a Samurai Sword to the 4 burglars!

Yes, you read that right!  I always thought that a couple of pistols beats a Samurai sword any day of the week, but this man had other ideas, according to a graphic Daily Mail article: http://dailym.ai/1Ho94F3   I do like the part about one of them being so badly injured that he had to turn himself in the next day to get treatment for his wounds.  Them Samurai swords can do a lot of damage.

So, burglars, the next time you break into a house, you better hope the only protection the owners have is SnapMail!

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Sandra Bullock – If only she had SnapMail Emergency

Imagine discovering this scruffy bearded lump strolling through your house, having bypassed the security cameras and barbed wire at your front entrance?  Well, that’s the sight a petrified Sandra Bullock witnessed in June 2014, which forced her to hide in a closet and call 911.

That lump, Joshua Corbett, was charged with forcing his way into Bullock’s house while she was inside.  LAPD cops later found an extensive weapons arsenal at his home that included assault rifles and machine guns.  (I bet he only needed the machine gun for ‘protection’!)  Corbett is pleading not guilty to 19 felony charges, but with bail set at $2.2m it is unlikely he will be going anywhere soon.

The free SnapMail app is a powerful weapon which can be used against stalkers because as well as capturing their photo for subsequent identification, it also places them at a specific place at a specific time.  But, even we would (begrudgingly!) admit that it’s no match for a loaded machine gun in the hands of a mad man.

The premium version of SnapMail, called SnapMail Emergency, contains the added feature of notifying up to 5 of your friends by SMS and by e-mail if you fail to click the link in an e-mail that has been sent to you.  Sandra Bullock could have done with something like that.

Download it for FREE by clicking here.

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Here’s Johnny! Not when you have the SnapMail app

One of the most famous movie stills in history is the one where Jack Nicholson sticks his face through the broken door in the 1980 horror movie The Shining and shouts “Here’s Johnny”.

It’s an extremely frightening scene to watch, not to mention what it would be like to experience in real life.

Back in those days unless you had a fixed line phone handy your ability to call for help was limited to the strength of your vocal chords, and given where the house was located even those wouldn’t do you much good.

Today, if you find yourself in a similar situation the chances are you will have your mobile phone nearby.  The first call should obviously be the cops, but if ‘Johnny’ knows that it could take the police 30 minutes to arrive, that may not be much of a deterrent.

But what if Johnny was SnapMailed and realised that committing the perfect murder was actually not going to be all that perfect because his photograph would be sitting in your Inbox, as well as in your SnapMail account, long after Johnny headed for the forest.  Of course he could steal your phone, and of course he could try to delete the e-mail, but not even Johnny could access your SnapMail account, and even if he did, the photos can’t be deleted for 30 days.

Not even Johnny is that mad!