SnapMail – Its not just for Kids

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SnapMail – Its not just for Kids

According to the Home Office in the UK, an estimated 250,000 people go missing each year, with 140,000 of them being under the age of 18.  The numbers are significantly greater in the US, where a child goes missing every 40 seconds. This amounts to a staggering 800,000 children who disappear every year.  The SnapMail App may be able to prevent some of these disappearances.  It is a free mobile app that offers protection for people in vulnerable situations.  With a single click of the “Take SnapMail Photo” button the user can send a photo of where he or she is, or who he or she is with, to a registered email address and simultaneously to a private account on the SnapMail website.


A paid version of SnapMail, called SnapMail Emergency, is also available, which has the added feature of notifying up to 5 of your friends or relatives by text and e-mail if you fail to respond to a SnapMail e-mail message confirming that you are ok.


But it’s not just kids that go missing.  Here are 4 of the most mysterious disappearances in history, each of which could possibly have been prevented had the SnapMail app been available at the time, and all of which we’re sure you’ve never heard of.


Louis Le Prince

Considered as one of the great cinematographers of his age and also the inventor of the very first motion picture film, Louis Le Prince disappeared in 1890.  His work precedes the works of the more celebrated inventor Thomas Edison.  Louis Le Prince filmed the first moving sequences with a 16- lens camera in New York in 1886. En route to Paris to visit his sibling, Louis strangely vanished from the train he was on.  Despite careful examination, no concrete evidence of his disappearance was found.  He was never seen again.  Various speculations surrounding his disappearance include assassination, suicide and death by drowning.


Ambrose Gwinnet Bierce

Before Ambrose Gwinnet Pierce became a journalist and writer, he was an officer in the US Army and he also fought in the US Civil War.  His experiences in the war shaped most of his writing, which were very satirical in nature.  His most famous work “The Devil’s Dictionary” started off as a newspaper column, consisting of satirical definitions of English words and political mockery.  Proponents of his work considered him ‘the master of pure English’.  While in Mexico to visit a war camp, Ambrose vanished without a trace.  Some theories surrounding his disappearance have included being killed in the Mexican Revolution and suicide.


Maura Murray (See attached Photo)

In 2004, Maura Murray, a typical university student from New Hampshire, USA lied to her professors about a death in the family so she could be excused from classes. On her way back home, she crashed her car.   Amazingly, the emergency crew never found any trace of her when they arrived at the scene. She has never been found. 11 years since her disappearance, there have never been any suspects and her whereabouts remain a mystery.


April Fabb

In 1969, April Fabb was riding her bicycle in Norfolk, England to her brother in-law’s house to deliver cigarettes as a birthday present for him.  Minutes into the journey, her bicycle was found by the road but 13 year-old April had vanished. Despite investigations, there was no evidence as to what had happened to her.  She wasn’t the type of person to run away from home and her fate is still unknown.


SnapMail will never be able to prevent the disappearance of everyone but, at least it could leave a record about who they may have met or where they were.  Download it now for free by clicking here.  If you are happy with the basic features of it, you can always upgrade to SnapMail Emergency at some point in the future.