Uses of SnapMail App

The SnapMail mobile phone app allows you quickly take a photo of someone when you’re in a threatening situation.  This photo is instantly e-mailed to you and also uploaded to your private account on the SnapMail website.

If you decide to upgrade to SnapMail Emergency, the premium version of SnapMail, your friends will also receive a text message and an e-mail if you fail to respond to a SnapMail e-mail within 5 minutes.

So, to what Uses can the SnapMail app be put, based on the above features?

1. It can strongly discourage someone from attacking you.  Think about it – is someone really going to attack you when they discover that the photo you have just taken of them has been automatically saved in your SnapMail website account, even if they take your phone?

2. It can help the police catch someone who attacks you.  A photo is by far the best form of identification.

3. It can provide brilliant evidence in a court case if you have been attacked.  SnapMail photos contain a date and time stamp, as well as a geo-location of where the photo was taken.  If you take a photo of someone they cannot deny they were at that location at that time.

4. If you pay the small monthly fee for SnapMail Emergency, you also have an excellent early warning system in the event of you being attacked.  Let’s say you are alone in an apartment or a hotel room and someone breaks in.  If you take a quick photo of them using SnapMail the clock immediately starts ticking and so if the intruder stays beyond 5 minutes your friends will be immediately texted and e-mailed to tell them to check up on you.  That is an unbelievable security device, and all for a tiny monthly payment!

SnapMail – it could save your life!

Download it for FREE by clicking here.  If you like the free version of SnapMail you can upgrade to SnapMail Emergency any time.